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The World's Only Diamond Commodity

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Diamond Standard is the producer of the only regulator-approved diamond commodity. They buy diamonds worldwide and assemble coins and bars to achieve the Diamond Standard, a brilliant new investment for funds, individuals and businesses.

I've made part of the social media team, working with the sales team and the marketing VP to create appropriate content for Diamond Standard.

Jobs Done:

  • Web and Mobile User Interface

  • User Experience and Research

  • Logo Design & Animation

  • Video Editing (After Effects)

  • Website Development (Design & Assets)

  • HTML emailing

  • Social Media Posts

  • Creative Director

The Role

Steve (Diamond Standard Marketing VP) was searching for someone with Figma experience, to organize all of their design system, and start working producing graphics and social media content.

I've been working since the first week as their "design guru". I've stablished a Figma organization, with separate files, creating content from UX/UI for new pages and websites, to blog posts, emails and social media promotions!

The Challenge

This role gave me daily challenges, always making me grow and develop my skills. I've worked with the hole team and within different areas, from sales to marketing.

As their "design guru", I was responsible for their every design need, from mobile and web prototypes, to sales collateral and printing material. Always looking for excellence and fast deliverables, I was considered a business partner.

Graphic Design

One of my roles as the only designer on the team, was to create and manage social media content, and that includes everything from animated videos made on After Effects, to graphics and charts created on Figma, Google Sheets, etc.

Here are some examples of that:

Diamond Standard Social Media Profiles

User Experience and User Interfaces

With Diamond Standard, I've worked on a handful of projects involving platform and website wireframes, prototypes, and more.

Since they have different business lines, such as the Diamond Standard Recycling, and Diamond Standard Fund, and the Diamond Standard Exchange, and Diamond Standard Marketplace, I've managed to help with the design and development of most sites, apps and platforms.

Bitcarbon Website Prototype

Bitcarbon is the cryptocurrency backed with Diamond Standard Coins & Bars.

You can interact with the prototype on the box below:

The idea was to show how technology, united with the most hard precious metal of all, can create unique features for a digital commodity currency.

ESG Page

Interact with the page by scrolling down the prototype below:

Diamond Standard Exchange

It's the world's only diamond regulate exchange, where Diamond Standard connects with accepted diamond vendors, and buys diamonds from the whole world to achieve the Diamond Standard.

You can see the results on the prototype below:


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