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Leading Tokenization as the Future of Commodities

Working with Diamond Standard has been a pleasure, and the Tokenized Commodities Council (TCC) is one of their side projects in which I was happy to participate in it's foundation.


I was the lead graphic designer on this role

Project goal

The TCC is a non-profit technological organization, that is representing the most innovative companies in the commodities marketplace.

It started inside Diamond Standard, one of my most prestigious clients, that together with Paxos, Atomyze and Lode started the Tokenized Commodities Council to unite companies with the same goal: Commodities Tokenization.

Since I was the lead designer of Diamond Standard, I've also became the lead TCC designer, and I'm proud to be part of the creation of the council, starting with the branding creation (logo, colors, typography) and continuous graphic design needs, such as email templates, blog post banners, and more.


As commented above, I was a solo designer on this project, and it was a challenge since the start! I've prototyped numerous design ideas for both the branding and the UX/UI, which was basically a complete website with approximately 5 different pages. I've gone through more than 20 ideas for the logo, and this is the summary of the project deliverables:

  • Full Website Prototype Created on Figma

  • Functional Website Created on Wix

  • Blog Management and Posting

  • Blog Graphic Assets

  • Email Graphic Assets

  • Website Management and Updating


Here are some of the graphic results:

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